"Fun is the triumph of mind over matter, we'll all get home if we laugh in the end."

Hibernating: Up Stethescope

Today’s Hibernating video is from April 15, 1985 and Bob Hope Salutes The Soaps  — Up Stethescope (General Hospital) featuring Bob Hope, Doris Roberts, Elizabeth Taylor, Glenn Ford, Anthony Geary, and surprise guest star Richard Burton. Be sure to click on the Bob Hope Salutes The Soaps link for the backstory for this video. “Well, one thing’s for sure… it won’t be Acapulco!”

Hibernating: Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing

This mid-week Hibernating video is not my usual Hibernating video from days of yore… but I could not resist:  Tim Minchin — Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing. “Most of them have two left feet”.

Miss Jean Louise – Mr. Arthur Radley

Bruce Jenner’s 1976 Olympic Hair If you were a 13 year old who had known for years that you were queer in 1976 you are automatically a friend of mine. That was such a strange time with the Bi-Centennial, the Freedom Train, the Presidential Election craziness of every presidential election year, but  especially strange with the convictions of people in the Nixon administration the previous year and then specifically the, what I will call, dismissal of the VietNam war from public life. It was only the year before in April ’75 that the US Embassy was evacuated. There was a kind of nutso recalibration of what was acceptable, and what was not, and among that recalibration was hair length on…

Hibernating: Trashy Ladies

Today’s Hibernating video is from 1975 and the Cher tv show — Trashy Ladies Medley featuring Cher and Bette Midler. “Oh honey, I wouldn’t mess around with her if I was you.”

Kate Brown is America’s First Out LBGT Governor

Four-term but First-Lady-Scandal-plagued Oregon governor John Kitzhaber resigned this afternoon, making way for Secretary of State Kate Brown to succeed him on February 18th. Kate Brown will become the first open member of the LBGT community to serve as an American state governor (Brown, who has been married to a man named Dan Little since 1997, identifies as Bisexual.) She credited her 2008 election as Secretary of State to efforts by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. At the time, she noted that while her margin in that race was significantly greater than in her first election, which she won by only seven votes, she was still very happy for the help: Brown won her first race by seven votes,…

Hibernating: The Ad Men

Today’s Hibernating video is from The Carol Burnett Show and features Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Steve Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner — The Ad Men (including outtakes). “Find ‘em, steal ‘em, sign ‘em, and forget ‘em.”