Glenn Greenwald Responds to Dick Cheney Calling Snowden a “Traitor”

946679_10151492216978367_217468757_nThere is a certain irony to hearing former Vice President Richard B “Dick” Cheney, from whose White House office the name and employment of the CIA agent Valerie Plame was leaked to multiple press outlets, call Edward Snowden a “traitor” for leaking classified information and exposing “intelligence sources and methods.” I thought that made people like Scooter Libby heroes, Dick?

And why does our Liberal Media (you, Anderson Cooper!) continue to act as if Director of National Intelligence James Clapper isn’t always lying? Why are Clapper’s words to Congressional committees considered truthful? He lies to Congress. We know this. He admitted it. Whyever do they have Clapper back? To lie to them some more?

Why won’t someone on one of these committees ask Clapper if he is telling the truth now, and how the committee members are supposed to know when he’s lying and when he’s not?

Finally, isn’t it sad that Glenn Greenwald’s truth-telling about Dick Cheney’s actions, motives, and purposes is considered exceptional in America? Shouldn’t everyone talk about Dick Cheney this way, especially the people on whose programs he appears to promote his book of fiction about his “heart?”

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4 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald Responds to Dick Cheney Calling Snowden a “Traitor”

  1. Peggy

    It’s beyond me why the media continue to talk to people who have lied to them over and over. What world must they live in where the word of a known liar is treated as the absolute truth?

    1. Teddy Post author

      It is their Bubble World, where Very Serious People like Dick Cheney cannot possibly be liars while high school dropouts like Edward Snowden and Brazil-living gay men like Glenn Greenwald are horrifying.