Hibernating: Smack In The Middle

Will Robin escape?  Can Batman find him in time?  Is this the ghastly end of our Dynamic Duo?  Answers…  Tomorrow night!  Same Time, Same Channel!  One Hint — The Worst Is Yet To Come!

Tonight, the conclusion to last night’s Hibernating cliffhanger:  Smack in the Middle.

3 thoughts on “Hibernating: Smack In The Middle

  1. Teddy

    “What a terrible way to go-go!”


    I want a Mobile Crime Computer!


    Funtime! Visit Gotham City Beach!

    (via Mulholland Drive, but be careful, no one stays on their own side of the double yellow line!)


    Wow, Robin really WAS the brains of the Dynamic Duo!


    “Prime Minister’s CLIMAX DINNER” uhhhhh….


    I love how everything was labeled, all the BUTTONS in the Batmobile, even all the AIR VENTs at the Moldavia pavilion….


    “Precisely, Master Dick.”

    PS — Why would Alfred lie about Bruce and Dick’s whereabouts, saying they are “at my uncle’s” and hope to fool Aunt Harriet?  She is AUNT Harriet, after all; presumably she knows Orphan Bruce Wayne’s uncle, no?

  2. Suzanne Post author

    so glad you enjoyed these teddy — per the wiki link in batman in yesterday’s post, the footage of the world’s fair is from the new york worlds fair 64-65.  some great trivia in that link including this about aunt harriet:

    Some sources credit the TV series makers as the creators of the Aunt Harriet character; she actually first appeared in the comic books in 1964, two years before the television show.

    the wiki for tonight’s episode has this about the uncle:  We learn here that Bruce Wayne has an uncle. This would most likely be Philip Wayne, who in the comics raised him after his parents’ murders.

    the wiki is a treasure trove of batman trivia teddy. 


    as head bear, your wish is my command *laughing*  … next week will be episodes 3 and 4