Turkey Day Eats Black Friday

401279_431333630263717_83198192_nRetailers, ever sunny about presenting your holiday shopping details to the media, have mashed together our Thanksgiving and Black Friday spending into one sales metric:

Combined spending on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, which had been considered the official start to the holiday buying season until this year, rose 2.3 percent to $12.3 billion.

The data reflects that Thanksgiving, which along with Christmas was one of two days a year that most stores were closed, is becoming an important day for major retailers.

But Black Friday sales tanked, as hard-core shoppers sought out deals on Turkey Day:

U.S. shoppers spent $9.74 billion on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. That’s a drop of 13.2 percent compared with last year, according to data released on Saturday by research firm ShopperTrak.


“Retailers were pretty successful in drawing the consumers into the stores on Thursday,” said ShopperTrak founder Bill Martin, whose company counts how many shoppers go into about 40,000 stores in U.S. But “Thursday’s sales came at the expense of Black Friday’s numbers.”

The decline in sales on Black Friday was the second one in a row. Last year, sales on that day dropped 1.8 percent to $11.2 billion, though it still was the biggest shopping day last year, according to ShopperTrak.

I’m sure that before this decade is out, we’ll simply have stores that stay open from Wednesday night onward: you can have your airport ride take you directly to the mall and spend your Thanksgiving holiday weekend there!

One thought on “Turkey Day Eats Black Friday

  1. Suzanne

    i don’t care how many other people spend their thanksgiving shopping, i refuse to.  i hope the businesses learned a lesson with the % drop after forcing their employees to work on the holiday instead of being home with their families.